Hajni Blasko

Publicist, SEM Expert @ Online Book Publicity
"Every reader is searching for books. Isn't it time they learn about yours?"

Hajni Blasko is recognized as a leading search marketing expert of the publishing industry. She is a registered expert on the subject of Online Book Publicity and Engine Marketing on AllExperts. She has contributed content to numerous books and white papers on the subject of Engine Marketing.

Creator of the Substance Network - Online Book Publicity Services. The internet's largest book publicity network focusing on traffic generation via SEM. Search Engine Marketing & Usability Specialist providing marketing services to business owners and service providers since 2001.

She is currently in the process of writing her new article "Socially Searching: Targeted Marketing for Authors" to be published in 2018. 

Hajni has conducted workshops at BookExpo America, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2016 on Search Engine Optimization and Online Book Publicity. She wrote a number of articles for various newsletters, blogs and publications.


Articles by Hajni Blasko: 

Controversial Amazon Feature! How to turn ‘Themes’ into an effective book marketing tool.

Articles in print Hajni Blasko
Webrings - Book Beyond the Bookstores 
Custom-Designed Websites vs. Websites Created on Social Networking Platforms - Writer Watchdog, 2009. 

- Publishing Industry,
- Public Speaking,
- Trade Show Marketing, 
- Mobile Integration and Design,
- Data-cognition,
- Online Marketing,
- Search Engine Optimization and Marketing,
- Social Media Marketing,
- Web Design and Mastering,
- WordPress WIX Custom Design, 
- Facebook Page Custom Design,
- Multimedia,
- Online Press Rooms,
- Object Oriented Programming,
- E-Commerce,
- Marketing Intelligence.

XML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Applets, Widgets

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"I'm the founder of Online Book Publicity AKA Substance Books. I work as an Online Book Publicist and Search Engine Marketing Specialist offering my services to authors and publishers since 2001. 
All my training and experience are focused around providing help and assistance to authors in order to increase their online exposure. I am a great believer in networking through various Web environments and Social Media Networking and Marketing. 

I consider myself an Organic Entrepreneur. My team and I are motivated by honoring the need for authenticity and integrity. 


My vision of the future includes a happy and healthy family, a small vineyard in Europe, a cleaner planet, crazily entertaining friends and satisfied clients. 

My everyday heroes are: Jacob Nielsen / Jordy Savall and the dog who adopted 6 kittens. 

I live in Canada with my 20+-year-old son, who is the light of my life. I am passionate about my community, literature and early music. As you can tell, I am quite content with what I do. Wishing you the same.Tweet me. Friend me. Like me. Follow me. Add me. Email me. Just don't tell me you couldn't contact me!"                        Hajni Blasko

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